Beautiful scenery to a road?

Turn down the speakers for these. Just some excerpts from the motorcycle trip to Alaska. I think we were on a road at one point.

Some of the ride was pure beauty…

Some of the ride was, well this…

A supercell at bear tooth pass, one of the most dangerous and windy roads in the US. We drove until it turned to hail. I could hair them pinging off my helmet. Crouch low but caught one in the cheek, all I could to stay upright.

From Wikipedia:

The Beartooth Highway is the section of U.S. Route 212 between Red Lodge, Montana andCooke City, Montana. It traces a series of steep zigzags and switchbacks, along theMontanaWyoming border to the 10,947 fthigh Beartooth Pass. The approximate elevation rise is from 5,200 ft to 8,000 ft  in 12 mi  in the most daring landscapes.


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