Hey Franco weren’t you an actor in an independent Psycho Thriller?

Yes, yes I was.198706_10150262458148509_632233508_7799247_1409024_n.jpg

In one of the chase scenes we had through a stairwell to an elevator the female lead didn’t realize how fast I was and body checked her into a cement wall. She was a beast, used her real fright to nail the shot.

Look, I am going to go full on berserker for this chase scene so run as hard as you can, once I am off the leash I can’t be put back on. 

…and of course the teaser trailer. Myself and my professional cinematographer won a decent amount of money in a geico commercial we made. We used it for a fun independent film. No paperwork, just guerrilla filming in abandoned buildings and open places.

Soul Catcher from Soundcheck Media

It didn’t go very far but fuck if it wasn’t a fun 2 weeks.

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