I absolutely brought Weapon X to the Northwest Territory

The customs agent did not find my “I’m bringing him home” answer to why he Weapon X strapped to my pack. I was asked to pull over for a full search. Canada, you truly are America’s hat.

Weapon X, aka Wolverine, aka Logan, aka James Howlett was given to me by a fellow Wolverine fanatic with the promise that I would give him a good life.   So here he is, riding shotgun to Alaska……no doubt, a good life.

We rode for a solid 12 hours today and covered over 500 miles of some of the prettiest riding I have seen.    Coming out the flat farms of North Dakota left a bland taste in my eye.  However as we rolled into Montana and the landscaped began to change into the backdrop of the northern Rockies a second wind of excitement hit.   Weaving around bends, up and down hills, seldom seeing other vehicles.  Yes there were the things we were looking for.

Due to a large country breakfast at a truck stop where we daringly tried chicken gizzards the night before we drove knowing full well we had full stomachs and could eat light for the day.

Other than the ominous sign of my dad hitting a red squirrel everything else felt good.  I am so impressed with the middle of America.   In the Northeast there is no doubt it feels like the epicenter of the country, the nerve center.  However as you flow away from it and the land changes you begin to feel the difference around you.   Things slow down, people are nicer, you are plugged into the veins of the country and you can feel the giant slow pulsing of our nations heart getting closer and closer.

The land rolls out before you like a giant rug being unfurled and you have nothing to do but ride the wave of the land until it breaks.

Toward the end of the day we crashed through some menacing thunderstorms on the mountain passes, which made it all the more interesting.

So we are in Missoula Montana, heading through Idaho, into Washington, then Oregon, back up to Washington for the night.   We need to dip into Oregon to add it to the list of states we have written in.

I am sorry for the flow, and poorness of this entry but I am tired.   Out of it and most likely ready for bed…….or as Tim just stated, my creativity juices aren’t flowing.

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