From Stuffing Reptiles Down my Pants to the Allure of a Belly Dancer’s Snake.

Young Franco rollin’ like a mother fucking pimp. Ignore the tape around the mouth.



So this sort of scratches the surface of  absurdity of how reptiles are the single most guiding and influential thing in my life. Don’t worry even if you aren’t into reptiles you will like this. I focus more on reactions and situations I got in due to reptiles. Some examples of what you will hear about.

  • Putting frogs in my pants
  • Befriending drug dealers to find snakes
  • Mistakenly being accused of growing marijuana
  • Hard wiring my college dorm (illegally)
  • Belly Dancer keeps my attention for the wrong reason
  • How I invented parkour, nay, hardcore parkour
  • Losing a Komodo dragon in a city
  • Idiot steals a viper then rides the DC metro
  • The existence of snake alarms
  • Mambas reenact Jurassic Park’s raptors escape.



Soundcloud Link For Franco Files and Reptiles

Hey lets leave an alligator in front of Franco’s table so when he comes to the convention center hungover he will have to step over an alligator.

When the alligator research group leaves an alligator in front of your stable as you stumbled in the convention hall hungover.

Prime snake and drug hiding spot in Philly
Walking the tracks in west Philly looking for snakes but finding mostly heroin.
Recording location and number of snakes in West Philly
flippingboards (1)
Flipping boards, will there be a snake or Hepatitus?
Just a shady, off the grid, abandoned cemetery in Philly. Full of snakes and packs of wild dogs.
tiresandsticks (1)
Fuck, this is going to take a long time to get through.
Did not find a snake, however I did find Tetanus
mebrowns (1)
Full grown breeding pair of Storeria dekayii. This was what we wanted to see.
Took me  25 years of looking to find my Holy Grail, the Timber Rattlesnake.
South facing granite slide. Found 5 Timber Rattlesnakes there. Need to watch your step.
Not easy to find this one, had to climb chest deep into a small rock nook.
The time I crossed two different species to make hybrids. Waiting list 25 people long before eggs were laid.
Just snuggling with tortoises
You don’t have a “Daytona Venomous Expo” shirt?


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