Ten minutes, two stories.

This is the one where I was accidentally involved and almost ruined the Kobe Bryant “Black Mamba” campaign. You have all seen it. Now here the story behind it.

Nike_Zoom_Kobe_VI_Black_Mamba_bk_original 2
The Kobe Bryant sneaker is not a Black Mamba but a harmless Mexican Milk snake.


The second story is one no one really knows. It is the story behind the only commercial flight allowed to fly over US soil on September, 11th 2001. The reason behind it is quite unreal. Here is a link to one of the only stories about it. I remember this because I was involved in the phone chain on 9/11 to help this guy.

Only commercial flight on 9/11. 

I promise I will get these on iTunes soon. Still working on it.

One thought on “Ten minutes, two stories.

  1. Hey Franco,

    Found your website via Twitter. Huge stoolie and remembered the awesome/interesting story you told on Smittys podcast awhile back about your psych ward stay/insomnia problems. Just wanted to drop a comment and say keep it up. Interesting dude for sure and your stories are entertaining. Need you and Smitty to fire up the ol Philly Podcast again.


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