Video of me trying to get an RSS feed today for a podcast.

It is precisely why I am not going to post the Kobe Black Mamba sneaker store. It deserves a better platform than what I currently have, which might qualify for outsider art.

So if you are like me and need to punch things when you are angry let me offer you a solution. Watch these two videos. I made them to remind myself I can create things, and to be honest, they are just flat relaxing. The footage shot at Muir Woods and Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Seriously you can’t watch the Aquarium and stay in a bad mood. To be perfectly narcissistic I don’t know how I got such good, steady, fluid shots in a crowded aquarium. The jelly fish at the end is just otherworldly.

This was just extraordinary lighting in what I could swear was Endor.



Fuck it, after 6 attempts this is the pilot Franco Files. Yes I jump right into the DoD.

I have about 6 pilots attempted. Not sure if this going anywhere, but I have been up for a couple of days. Working on getting it on iTunes. Feel free to tell me to fucking kill myself or maybe give a thumbs up and head nod, fuck it, go crazy with some finger guns.



Franco Files Soundcloud link


Pic of a 19 year old Franco and a Komodo Dragon. 2913_71720254899_268141_n